Feb 2, 2012

Archnemesis Designation Given Up...for Lent

The problem with working with an archnemesis on a project like Lent Madness is that it makes it nearly impossible to feud in peace. While I derive great pleasure in one-upping Scott Gunn in all things priestly, professional, and personal (the "Three Ps" of archnemisary), I find myself having to be civil in matters related to the global domination of Lent Madness.

We have thus brought in a mediator named Solomon to help us work out an agreement. The statement below, which also appears on Scott's blog, takes effect during and is binding throughout Lent. Fortunately, life will return to normal during the Great Vigil of Easter.

Dateline: Somewhere between Hingham, MA and Cincinnati, OH.

"Be it known to all present, either bodily or online, that as of Ash Wednesday in the two thousand and twelfth year of our Lord, certain persons, of necessity in the present time, are hereby setting aside a designation of Archnemesis, and laying aside the enmity that has existed from the beginning, until the end of the Lenten Fast. Whereas, to cooperate on Lent Madness for the edification of all Christendom, Father Schenck and Father Gunn shall thereby set aside their feud until the New Fire is lit at the Great Vigil of Easter. After that, anything is possible."


Penny Nash said...

I don't know if I can handle this. I was planning to "take on" the study of archnemisary for Lent.

John Williamson said...

See world, we Episcopalians can lay aside our differences (are there are many) for a just and noble cause.
Also, am looking forward to the end of Lent even before it begins. ;-)

Sarah Brockmann said...

Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of the "New Fire", doesn't it?

Rory said...

Archnemesis. No
Cherry cross of jello for
You. Alleluia.