Feb 12, 2013

Archnemesis Detente

detenteI've given up various thing for Lent over the years: internet access after 6:00 pm, salty snack foods, alcohol. The only thing I'd never consider is coffee. After all I have to actually get through Lent in order to make it to Easter.

This year, once again, I'm giving up my archnemesis, Scott Gunn. Believe me when I say that this is a true spiritual discipline of the highest order. Not only do I have to be civil to him for a seemingly interminable 40 days and 40 nights, I also have to work closely with him on Lent Madness. This little deal that has made Lent Madness the world's most popular online Lenten devotion is not without its consequences. My yoke is difficult and my burden is heavy.

Yet for the sake of  the greater good, I am donning sackcloth and ashes in the form of the Executive Director of Forward Movement. I'm not sure if this will bring me closer to our Lord but it will definitely make the joy of Easter complete.

Please see the statement we have jointly released. And wish me luck starting at midnight tonight.

Statement of Detente

Dateline: Akron, NY, halfway between Hingham, MA and Cincinnati, OH

Be it known to all present, either bodily or online, that as of Ash Wednesday in the two thousand and thirteenth year of our Lord, certain persons, of necessity in the present time, are hereby setting aside a designation of Archnemesis, and laying aside the enmity that has existed from the beginning, until the end of the Lenten Fast. Whereas, to cooperate on Lent Madness for the edification of all Christendom, Father Schenck and Father Gunn shall thereby set aside their feud until the New Fire is lit at the Great Vigil of Easter. After that, anything is possible.


Elizabeth said...

Somehow the image of you two and live fire is a little scary. Have a blessed and peace-filled Lent.

Geof said...

I used to sit not twenty feet away from the coffee pot in my office, and it was far too easy to simply get a cup. I was drinking way too much, and so for several years I gave it up for Lent. I was grumpy, but probably saved my stomach lineing a few years.

Instead of giving something up, how about adding something? Make a piggy bank from a water bottle and put an amount equal to what you spend on bottled water into the bottle; then on Palm Sunday bring it to church and the money will go to a clean water project for those without safe, clean drinking water. Just my own shameless plug, Tim+!

Michael Cudney said...

There's an Akron in New York? And I thought I knew my great state.

Deacon Sally Maurer said...

My best wishes to you both on your lenten discipline. May God richly bless your sacrifice.

Cynthia Espeseth said...

So at the end of this detente, if I come out fully in your camp, leaning heavily on our seminary connection, will you help our esteemed, and little known St. Hilda advance in the rounds? I'm just saying - I'm willing to bargain here.

marguerite said...

This is all very moving. I may weep. Lacking an archnemesis, my Lenten discipline will be to read T.S. Eliot. I know. I know. Such courage.