Jan 14, 2014

Motivational Sacristy Quotes

sacristy quoteAs football season winds down (what am I supposed to do after church now?!), there will be a dearth of motivational quotes spouted by head coaches. While the only "motivational quote" I keep in my office is the parish mission statement, I think these are great.

But why should motivational quotes be the exclusive domain of football locker rooms? The church equivalent of the locker room is, of course, the sacristy. The liturgical players all gather here before kickoff cum procession. The priest offers a prayer/motivational speech with the acolytes and choir and off they charge down the aisle (at a decorous, stately pace of course).

I thought it would be helpful to offer a few motivational quotes to post in your sacristy. This will keep all the servers motivated and focused for the task at hand. I suggest putting up a new quote every time the church season changes so they don't get stale and the acolytes start phoning it in. Let me know if you think of others. The church needs fired up altar parties!
There's no "I" in Acolyte.

It's not whether you win or lose, it's how the procession flows.

Win one for the Messiah.

Leave it all on the altar.

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings the dismissal.

Let's all give this liturgy 110% (which is the same fuzzy math as three in one and one in three)

It's not the size of a crucifer but the size of the processional cross that matters.

Show me a bad liturgist and I'll show you bad liturgy.

There is no substitute for preaching preparation.

It's not whether the thurifer gets knocked down, it's whether he gets back up.

Communion isn't everything, it's the only thing.


Verdery said...

I particularly like "Show me a bad liturgist and I'll show you bad liturgy." The exact opposite is true at "my" church. Good liturgy because we have good liturgists for priests. Who would undoubtedly agree with the one about the importance of preaching preparation.

Relling said...

At the Cathedral of St. James in South Bend, Indiana, which happens also to be the home of the University of Notre Dame, "Pray like a champion" adorns the hallway that the altar party uses. I think the sign has been there for a long, long time. We moved away in 2005, but I guess that it is still there. It always, always made me smile when I saw it.

karinrosner said...

No, do not leave it all on the altar. Take tour music sheets, coffee cups and water bottles off my communion table, gosh darn it! Off! That means you, Mr. Lead Vocals and you too, Mr. Sax player. Love, Queen of the Altar Guild

Deb said...

"The possession and wearing of cinctures, AKA ropes, does not entitle said wearer to twirling them around whilst (gotta love the English form of this) serving at the altar, lest one be struck dead by the Head Liturgist."

"Observeth thou what thy presider doesth--i.e. crossing herself--and go and do likewise!"