Jan 19, 2014

Why the Pats lost: A pastoral response

NFL: AFC Championship-New England Patriots at Denver BroncosAs a clergyman, I am always sensitive to the pastoral needs of my flock. As a priest in New England, I realize that many in my congregation are grieving the Patriots loss to the Broncos in the AFC Championship Game. Yet as a Baltimore Ravens fan, I don't really care about their feelings when it comes to football. So I'm torn in my pastoral duties. Since next week is the Annual Meeting and it's best to keep the peace, I'll err on the side of pastoral concern. 

In times such as these, many are left wondering why? Why did my team lose? Why did God do this to the Patriots? Is God mad at me? To ease some of the confusion, I thought I'd share some light on why the Patriots lost to the Broncos. Understanding why is an intellectual response and so Patriots fans will still need time to grieve. I'm sensitive to that and I will walk with them during this painful time. 

Here are the reasons the Patriots lost:
God's wrath for cutting Tim Tebow after the preseason. (Of course he was also cut by the Broncos when they signed Peyton Manning but whatever. God's complicated).

God prefers Anglicans (aka Redcoats) to Patriots (aka religious dissenters).

The continuing Wrath of the Cathedral Nautilus. This doesn't explain the World Champion Red Sox but that was a beard thing.

Punishment for the globalization of Sam Adams Beer.

Aaron Hernandez.

Many patriots in the revolutionary age were Deists.

God's anger at Patriots coach Bill Belichick who lives in Hingham and yet has never darkened the door of St. John's.

The presence on the Patriots' roster of linebacker Dont'a Hightower (of Babel).

Whitey Bulger.

Retribution for tossing all that tea into Boston Harbor.

Actually, I do know that when your team loses deep in the playoffs it feels like you've been slugged in the gut. I feel your pain -- truly.


Fr David said...

Dear Father. Thank you for walking with me in my pain (considerable) I look forward to walking with you in yours next time we (Patriots) meet (41. 7).

Relling said...

You must be pleased that the Ravens and the Seahawks are the two teams in the category: teams whose fans are so enthusiastic and vocal that their home advantage is extraordinary. Baltimore may not call it the 12th man, they way Seattle does, but ....

Charlene Arsenault said...

Father Tim - I think I had asked this of you before, but we'd really love for you to have a blog on Patch. In fact, if you started one today, this Pats post could be your first post! You could link back to your original blog. Really hoping you'll consider.

Thanks! Charlene

RLandon said...

An interesting analysis though unsubstantiated in realty. The New England team lost simply because they were outplayed by the better of the two teams. Season after season, the Patriots play the majority of their games against teams with a losing record. They are, by far, the most overrated team in the NFL. Although I am a lifelong resident of New England, it was indeed a pleasure to witness their loss of the championship game!

FB said...

Thank you for the pastoral care. You deserve CPE credits. The pats had the 11th most difficult schedule this past year (SOS of .508), the Panthers had the most difficult (SOS of .543), and the Ravens the 5th most difficult (.535).