May 30, 2014

e-Formation -- It's not just a fad

Finally, a conference that recognizes the impact of technology and modern life on Christian formation! Or, as they put it in their tagline, "Faith formation for a connected, digital world." 

Next week I'll be at Virginia Theological Seminary for a couple of days to present a couple of workshops and sit in on some others at the e-Formation Conference

So much of this is rapidly evolving and while I'm a so-called "expert" we're all learning together to embrace the changing realities of the digital world and translate that into effective, vibrant ministry in our own parishes. 

There are a number of luminaries presenting at the conference including...well, you can read them on the graphic.

My two workshops are on Stealth Christian Formation and blogging -- two areas where I actually do have some experience. 

Stealth Christian Formation 
Was your recent 27-part series on Deuteronomic Law poorly attended? Do you wish more people took advantage of education opportunities at your parish? You can keep teaching to the choir but how do we reach the people who don’t “do” classes? Come learn how Lent Madness brought Lenten discipline, knowledge of the saints, and spiritual growth to the masses and how this model can work for you.

I Blog, Therefore I Am
Whether you have a blog no one reads besides your mother or are considering starting one, this workshop is for you. We’ll explore questions such as: Why blog? What should I blog about? How often should I blog? How can I get people to actually read my blog? You, too, can impress your friends with the moniker “blogger” while sharing the Good News with a global audience.

The good news (lowercase) is that if you didn't sign up to attend, you can still participate via webinar for the bottom basement price of $75. Click here for details.

Perhaps the best part of participating in my workshops is that turn around's fair play. You can live-snark  all you want on Twitter and I won't be able to respond in real time since, um, I'll be busy. The hashtag for the conference, by the way, is #eForm14. Hope to see you there either in real life or online!


Meredith Gould said...

Shocked SHOCKED that you didn't mention that the absolute over-the-top best part of this conference is the promise of spending sacred snark time with me!

Tim Schenck said...

Isn't that obvious?!