Jul 16, 2015

Episcopal Click Bait

"Click bait." That's the term for those provocative or eye catching headlines you encounter on social media or websites that dare you NOT to click on them. Think internet version of National Inquirer headlines and you get the idea.

Usually the most interesting thing involved is the aforementioned headline that takes you to something mildly and/or mindlessly entertaining. Because when it comes to click bait it's advertiser-sponsored page views that matter, not content.

Click bait plays to our rawest human emotions -- the voyeuristic, the taking pleasure in other people's awkwardness or stupidity, the carnal. If you've ever given in and taken the bait, you know it always leaves you feeling somehow used. Yet for some reason most people feel a desperate need to...Know. What. Happened. Next. And the more you click, the more bait ends up finding its way to your computer.

So, what would Episcopal click bait look like? The term itself is an oxymoron since hopefully there's some substance behind our faith. But it's fun to think about nonetheless. And we could certainly use some more eyeballs on all things Episcopal!

This thurifer whacked the altar guild directress 
in the head during the procession.
What happened next will restore your faith in humanity...

You won't believe who lives in this abandoned 
church in New York City!

12 church hacks your priest doesn't want you to know about.

What would happen if the current Presiding Bishop 
and the Presiding Bishop-elect had a love child? 
The answer will blow your mind.

Which Anglican Bishop should be your BFF?

Lose 15 pounds in three months with these 
amazing new communion wafers!

20 signs you're going to hell.

How one chalice bearer made $$$ from 
the comfort of the church sacristy.

With this one crazy trick you can experience the spirituality 
of church without ever darkening the doors!


Unknown said...

You won't believe what they found when they opened the aumbry!!

Relling said...

love it. very clever

AxTwoSix by Chris Huff said...

Terrific! Got me to thinking....

txcgl said...

Where can I order the wafers???

Megan Jones said...

Hahahaha! Thank you!

Gyosypriest said...

Utterly delightlful

Gyosypriest said...
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Gyosypriest said...

But I have to say… I wonder how you were able to create parody headlines that were sooooo close to the real ones!

Anonymous said...

You just won't believe #17

Unknown said...

this is one of your best ever blogs. i laughed out loud.

Anonymous said...

A great laugh for today! Thanks!

Unknown said...


Katrina said...

Spot on. And the first one cracked me up because my husband was a thurifer (now retired from that ministry, not dead) and I am an Altar Guild Directress.