Nov 24, 2020

A COVID Thanksgiving Lament

This year, as many of us sacrifice our usual gatherings and bountiful feasts out of deep love and

concern for others, there is much to grieve. We miss our traditions, we miss our extended and multigenerational families, we miss inviting the friend or co-worker who has no where else to celebrate. It’s important to recognize these losses, even as we remain ever thankful for the many blessings of this life.

It is in this spirit that I share a brief Thanksgiving lament. May the peculiar and heartbreaking circumstances of this year’s holiday keep your loved ones safe. And may our prayers for those who go hungry amid the devastating affects of this pandemic be heard.

A COVID Thanksgiving Lament

For hugs not given.

For Turkey Trots not run.

For signature dishes not cooked. 

For high school football games not watched.

For great grandmas not driven.

For cheeks not pinched.

For holiday traffic not sat in.

For mounds of mashed potatoes not consumed.

For backyard football games not played.

For distasteful political commentary not heard.

For post-meal walks not taken.

For gobs of leftovers not eaten.

For all of these and more, we lament O Lord.

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