Jan 20, 2012

Top One List of Annoying Archnemeses

As you may know, I was recently slandered by my archnemesis, Scott Gunn, in a blog post entitled "Top nine list of annoying blog post topics." It seems Scott took offense, on behalf of all Facebook users, at my brilliantly snarky "Annoying Status Updates" list that was posted last night.

You'll note right from the start that mine was a Top Ten list while Scott, pathetically, could only come up with nine items. But perhaps his Top Nine list will start a trend. Get Letterman on the phone.

Scott's famous for turning his blog into a glorified infomercial as he hawks Forward Movement tracts and book. He recently posted about the latest best seller Walking With God Day by Day which, I might add, I wrote. Sure, my contribution was only 1.37% but the whole book was basically built upon my shoulders, er pen. Thus, while I'm busy paying his large, CEO-like Executive Director salary, I'm being exploited like a migrant writer. Perhaps I'll just take my talents to South Beach. Or Abingdon Press.

If you've ever considered your own personal archnemesis, let me assure you it's not as glamorous as it sounds. Plus, it's irritatingly time consuming. Now it's back to my important work of running a parish and saving souls. Scott used to have such responsibilites  but he gave it all up for a bigger computer and, presumably, a more comfortable chair.


Joyce Blackney said...

As a new avid follower of you both, I could use some background into your close friendship. Archnemeses? Are all Episcopalians competitive?

Father Tim said...

Friendship? Hah!

Actually we first met when we were both on the (now defunct) Episcopal Life Board of Governors. Until recently we both served parishes in New England. Then Scott fled to Cincinnati after realizing the East Coast couldn't contain both of us.

Hopefully not all Episcopalians are this competitive. And I could never deal with having more than one archnemesis at a time. We're not Mormons, after all.

Joyce Blackney said...

You do brighten the day. Thanks for the history lesson.