May 21, 2012

Bad (Coffee) Mug Shots

In the fourth installment of my Coffee & Christianity "Trilogy" I take a look at some god-awful (literally) Christian-themed coffee mugs.

Parts I, II, and III of the ill-named four-part trilogy involved bad coffee shop names, serial clergy coffee drinkers, and church-themed coffee blends. In response to your "Please make it stop!" prayer requests, just know that this is what happens when I take four days off in a row. Just wait until I'm retired.

Of course, the greatest mug ever made is the Lent Madness mug but that's a story for another liturgical season.

1 comment:

Laurie Atwater said...

I would certainly NOT swipe the second to the last one out of the break room cabinet. Who knows what might happen? P.S. I really do want to get a Lent Madness mug, truly I do...but (and I know you've heard this before...about the mugs, of course) size matters. I take my coffee very seriously. And copiously. My daily requirement is currently served in a 22-ounce porcelain mug that cannot be lifted by small children. I'd be looking for something roughly the size of an aspersorium. Only with a logo. Well, and a handle. Thoughts?