May 21, 2012

But does it taste better?

In the last of my recent trilogy of Coffee & Christianity posts, I explore faith-themed roasts. Of course, I only just realized it was the third such post and proclaimed it a trilogy (you can call it The C-Squared Trilogy if you'd like -- though you'll have to pay me since I'm copyrighting the name and there will likely be a fourth at some point).

First it was odd church-based coffee shop names. Then it was a riff on why clergy like to drink coffee with parishioners. Now it's a look at religiously named coffee. Since coffee is its own religion, this may be redundant but here goes:


Linda Rea said...

LOL lovin' your coffee trilogy!

Father Tim said...

Thanks, Linda. This is what happens when I (finally) take a few days off. Back at it tomorrow!

Fr. Bret Hays said...

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