Oct 27, 2014

MTV -- Church Edition

Dan Fickes in action with Ocean One Productions
One of the great joys of parish ministry is when parishioners offer their gifts in service of the church. This comes in a variety of ways from fixing a leaky toilet to offering healing prayers to cooking a meal for a homebound parishioner. It is the very essence of stewardship -- sharing our talents and resources with the community.

This year, as part of our annual campaign, parishioner Dan Fickes offered his professional talents to help us create a video to tell the St. John's story. Dan runs his own production company, Ocean One Productions, that has done work for both non-profits (Boston Symphony, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, Museum of Science) and corporations (Reebok) over the years.

About six months ago I asked if he would be willing to help us put together a little video as part of our fall stewardship drive. Dan enthusiastically agreed and spent some time interviewing a number of parishioners and shooting "B-roll" video (I learned a hip production term for secondary footage!).

What transpired was Spirit-filled and I thought I'd share it here on the blog. It's really in two parts -- the first being an introduction to the parish that will end up on the front of the home page; the second is specific to financial stewardship. So it's "What do you love about St. John's" paired with "Why do you give to St. John's?"

I love how it came out and I'm very grateful to Dan and his team for pulling it together on budget ($0) and on time! Check it out. It may inspire you to undertake a similar project in your own parish.

(The 'ask' starts at 4:50 -- which is actually quite compelling. In fact so much so that I'm sure you'll want to fill out our online pledge card!)

Joan, a longtime parishioner and newly minted nonagenarian, is not thrilled with the YouTube generated screenshot but I told her not to worry since it makes her look "prayerful."


Gale Grey said...

Very nice! I've seen versions of this in non denominational churches but not so much in the Episcopal Church. You folks are blessed to have someone with the production skills to put this together. I think it's so helpful to see older and younger.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice comments Father Tim. It was truly a pleasure getting to know more of the parishioners through the production process. We have many amazing people within our church and we (my family) believe it's important to get that word out. Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to working on more project and updating this one in the future. Dan

Jay Croft said...

No persons of color? No one with a physical disability?

Lots of steps I see. Not good for folks with mobility limitations.

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