Dec 1, 2014

"Advent" Calendar Explosion!

This morning children in many households raced downstairs to open the first window on their Advent calendars. Yes, it's December 1st and thus the countdown to Christmas begins anew (never mind that the first day of Advent was actually yesterday).

With the advent of the online Advent calendar, I'm not sure how many kids actually open paper ones anymore. When our kids were young I remember thinking, "What could possibly say holy expectation more than two kids fighting over who gets to open the little door before school?" That was before we got smart and bought two Advent calendars. Duh. 

The traditional Advent calendar has also morphed into an online devotional for adults -- there are many out there with inspirational images or words instead of the usual candy cane or elf.

But there are also some out there that have left the point -- anticipating the birth of Jesus -- in the dust. Here's a brief peek into the Advent calendar explosion. I've only included calendars that are commercially available since all you really need to create your own is a 24-pack of Bud Light.

Nonetheless, enjoy -- It's impossible to avert your eyes!

Many of the Advent calendars (often marketed as "Christmas Countdown Calendars") are beauty-themed. Because what says "Come, Lord Jesus" quite like "It's all about me."

Superheroes, cartoon characters, and others calendars aimed at children are big. This includes everybody's favorite creepy elf -- The Elf on the Shelf -- and plenty of toys for those kids who can't actually wait until Christmas.

One way to deal with your dysfunctional family throughout the holiday season is to drink your way through it. It takes real discipline to get through some of these Advent calendars.

Then there's food and drink (non-alcoholic edition) fit for a variety of ages and tastes.

Finally, if you're just sick and tired of all the consumerism in the name of a Christian holy day, why not just throw in the stocking and go with the Karma Advent calendar?


HHFord said...

You missed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Advent calendar. Maybe they could have done battle against King Herod in the protection of the Baby Jesus: "Cowabunga!"

Jay Croft said...

A 24-pack of Bud Lite?

REAL Episcopalians do not drink Bud Lite!

Richard Gillin said...

There's a worse one here in the UK:

Anne Miller said...

We have the old fashioned paper one and it is charming.

Anne Miller said...

We have the old fashioned paper one and it is charming.