May 18, 2015

Bad Pentecost Clipart

In what has become a Clergy Confidential tradition (ie. I did it last year/we've always done it that way) it's time for this year's round-up of Bad Pentecost Clipart.

This began innocently enough as I was scouring the internet for a Pentecost icon for our parish newsletter. But then I discovered that this feast day offers the mother lode of horrendous images. Forget the 'eye of the beholder' -- there's some ugly stuff out there. When you combine tongues of fire, wind, a variety of languages, and a dove, I guess this isn't altogether surprising. But yowza!

In any case, my Pentecost gift (May 24th this year) to you includes a few of my "favorites" from the online horror I encountered. "Enjoy."

The Holy Spirit and how it would look if it descended upon Mr. Bill.
The "Power of Pentecost" trapped in a flaming snow globe?
Either the disciples need to turn that frown upside down or the fu manchu had really caught on.

The perfect Pentecost meal: dove flambĂ©. 

 "Oil Refineries for Jesus."

Can you say "Ad for Lasix surgery?"

"Again?" What, does Pentecost bore you? And why is that flaming bird twerking?

Jerry Garcia meets liturgical dance.

Pentecost is so amazing that the guy on the right did a face palm.

Who doesn't enjoy some grilled pigeon as a special coffee hour treat?
May Day! May Day! We're being dive bombed by a flaming bird!
If this scarecrow looking thing only had a brain.


Unknown said...

I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying....

Anonymous said...

I'm weeping. This is brilliant.