Nov 22, 2021

Clergy, Coffee & Conversation

I'm grateful to Steve Opalenik of The Promethean Project for inviting me onto his Break the Chains podcast. It was a great and wide-ranging conversation! 

Steve is a licensed mental health counselor and, once upon a time, he and Bryna were colleagues at Bay State Community Services, where Bryna is now the Director of Development and Community Relations. He's also a terrific interviewer, basically the Oprah of the Massachusetts mental health podcast universe. 

Seriously, he is good at drawing out his guests and inviting introspection. His passion for physical and mental wellness also comes shining through his conversations.

We spoke about coffee, church, faith, dogs, dog poop, and...Bryna. Listen to the podcast and you'll learn her reaction to my telling her I felt a calling to the priesthood, while we were engaged. Yes, I told her in a public place.

You can listen to our conversation here. Enjoy!

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