Dec 31, 2011

CFC Year in Review

Since everyone else is doing their annual retrospectives (including, but not limited to, my archnemesis) AND since Bryna's partying in New York City with friends from high school while I'm stuck here with three weekend church services, I thought I'd do one for Clergy Family Confidential.

So, here are some statistics and tidbits from 2011:

The hard-working staff (of one) at CFC is proud of making  it through another year in the blogosphere. Thanks to everyone who read posts, left comments, and in general didn't try to get me kicked off the internet. I hope you found some inspiration, some humor, and enjoyed being connected through the virtual world.

When I started blogging (after avoiding it for a number of years) in November 2007, I swore to myself that if it ever became a burden I'd stop. Four years later I'm still having fun and it continues to bring me joy. Blessings to you all in the New Year.


Stephen Best said...

I have been richly blessed by your writings. Thank you for providing such a wonderful journal of thoughtful reflections. Very best wishes for the coming new year!

Penny Nash said...

Perpetua vs Thomas Becket, huh? Why am I not surprised?

Blessings for another year of happy blogging, and best wishes for a Happy New Year, Tim!

Jay Croft said...

I really appreciate your writings! Thank you!

padremambo said...

Blessings, sir. Always fun!